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When we’re on a diet or want to weigh ingredients for a perfect meal, a kitchen scale is convenient. Whether it’s bakeries or confectionery, you’ll need a food weighing machine for your profession. A kitchen scale is now a daily necessity. Nowadays, advanced technology develops a weighing machine and is reliable, accurate, and digitally accessible. The body is made of robust and lightweight material and attractive colors to suit our kitchens. The best part of the food weighing machine is they’re very economical!

Top 10 best Kitchen weighing machine in India 2021

Digital kitchen scaleOperated onMaximum weightBuy at Amazon
Health Sense Chef-Mate KS 33 Battery5 kg
Dr Trust (USA)Battery5 kg
Health Sense Chef-Mate KS 40Battery5 kg
RYLAN Battery/ Electricity10 kg
Generic SF400 Battery10 kg
Amazon Basics Stainless SteelBattery5 kg
Baijnath PremnathBattery/ Electricity25 kg
HESLEY USB cable charging5 kg
QERINKLE® Battery10 kg
EAYIRA Battery/ Electricity10 kg

Health Sense (India) Chef-Mate KS 33 

It is one of the best digital kitchen weighing scales. The best part about this weighing scale is its stylish look. It comes with a battery and has a warranty of 1 year. It uses cutting edge technology which makes sure that you get a precise reading. Has a blue and black LCD which is clearly visible. It has G-force sensors to provide accurate readings.


  • Stylish looks
  • Highly accurate
  • Displays in pounds, ounces, millilitres and grams
  • Auto off function after 120 seconds 
  • Tare function
  • Comes with a bowl for  measurement


  • Maximum weight it can measure is 5 kg

Dr Trust (USA) Electronic Kitchen Digital Scale Weighing Machine

Dr. Trust is a well known brand when it comes to health and personal care products. This device is accurate and comes in gray color. It is slim and sleek and therefore it is portable. It has 2 functional buttons i.e. tare and units. The LCD provided is very crystal clear and easily readable.


  • Trusted brand
  • Can measure in various units like gm, kg, lb,oz, ml.
  • Large display
  • Highly accurate
  • Affordable


  • Can weigh only up to 5 kg

Health Sense (India) Chef-Mate KS 40 Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale 

This is another kitchen weighing machine from a good brand. It has a warranty of 1 year and is available in 2 colors, white and black. It comes with a battery. It is rectangular in design and looks elegant. It has the auto-off function and comes with a Tare function.


  • Unique design from a known brand
  • Minimum weight it can measure is 1 gm
  • Clear LCD display
  • Tare function
  • Auto Power off function
  • Unit conversion available


  • Maximum weight it can measure is 5 kg

RYLAN Electronic Digital Kitchen Scale

The best part about this kitchen weighing scale is that it can be operated on both battery and electricity. It has a measuring capacity of 10 kg. It has a large tray which is also washable. It has a wide LCD which makes the user easy to read. It is also equipped with tare function.


  • Large washable tray provides us with a wide platform
  • Can weigh up to 10 kg
  • Conversions in grams, kilograms, Pound and ounce
  • Easy to read LCD display
  • Tare function
  • Can work on both battery and electricity
  • Auto Power off


  • Can Improve in the design

Generic SF400 Electronic Kitchen Digital Weighing Scale

The best part about this weighing machine is it is very economical. This weighing machine is equipped with a tare function. It is splash-proof, and its tray is washable. It has a maximum weight of 10 Kg. It is white in color.


  • Economical
  • Can weigh up to 10 kg
  • Is equipped with Tare function
  • Can display in different modes
  • Auto Power off function


  • No cons as such at this price range

Amazon Basics Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scale 

This digital scale has a very compact design and high build quality. It is black in color and made of stainless steel material. This Kitchen weighing scale is also equipped with a tare button and has inbuilt advance sensor technology. It is made of BPA free material. It has a wide LCD display and Automatic off function after 135 seconds.


  • Wide display
  • Stylish looks
  • Highly accurate
  • Displays in pounds, ounces, and grams
  • Auto off function after 135 seconds 
  • Tare function


  • Maximum weight it can measure is 5 kg

Baijnath Premnath Digital Weighing Scale

This Kitchen weighing machine can be operated both by electricity and battery. It has a large tray. This kitchen scale comes with an adapter. It has tare function, and the best part is that this machine is equipped with troubleshooting function.


  • It can weigh up to 25 kg
  • It can be operated on both battery and electricity
  • It comes with an adapter
  • It has tare function


  • Can improve in design and accuracy

HESLEY Kitchen Scale

This kitchen scale has a very stylish design. It comes with a USB cable which is to be used for charging. You can charge this device even from a laptop. It is quite precise at measurements.


  • Elegant and stylish design
  • High quality LCD display
  • Accurate
  • It has tare function
  • Auto-off function after 30 seconds
  • Can calculate in g, kg, lb and oz


  • It can weigh from a minimum of 3-5 gm to maximum of 5 kg

QERINKLE® Digital Kitchen Weighing Machine 

This kitchen weighing machine is made by Qerinkle. This Kitchen scale is compact, portable and easy to use. It has a wide LCD which makes easy to read. It has an overload indicator and is equipped with Unit Exchange and Tare function.


  • Automatic switch off
  • Economical
  • Is Equipped with tare function
  • Can weigh up to 10 kg


  • Can improve in quality

EAYIRA Electronic Digital Kitchen Scale

This Kitchen weighing machine can be operated both by electricity and battery. It has a large washable tray. It also has a splash-proof design. It has tare function in it. This kitchen weighing scale consumes very low power


  • It can weigh up to 10 kg
  • It can convert from grams/ kilograms/ pound/ ounce
  • It can be operated on both battery and electricity
  • It has auto off function


  • Can improve in design

How to choose a weighing machine?

The maximum weight it can measure

Any kitchen weighing machines have a capacity of the maximum weight that it can measure. This maximum weight might differ from 10 kg, 20 kg, 30 kg, etc. If you wish to weigh items heavier than the maximum weight, the machine will display “Overload” on the LCD. Make sure you buy the machine according to your requirements. For general use, you can go with the 10 Kg maximum weighing capability. For professional use, go with the device with the capacity to measure heavier weights.


 The kitchen weighing machine may have different functions such as Tare, calibration, low-power indicator, mode, etc. Weighing machines may have an automatic on/off feature. Choose the kitchen weighing machine according to your daily task.

The kitchen weighing machine can be made of steel or plastic. Many weighing machines are not well-built and easily damageable. It’s safer to go with devices that are made sturdy and built with lightweight material. A light machine is portable and we can carry it while we travel. There are attractive colors in an advanced weighing machine that can match your kitchen theme.

Operated by both battery and electricity

The best feature of the kitchen weighing scale is that it can be operated by both batteries and electricity. Having an alternative is better with such an advanced weighing machine. For regular use, we can use battery-operated weighing machines. Nowadays, There are kitchen scales that run on advance mechanism without using batteries or electricity.


There are weighing machines that are precisely the same in all the aspects mentioned above but marketed under different brand names. Read reviews online, compare, and then go with the most economical weighing scale.

How does a weighing machine work

Before choosing one from 10 best Kitchen weighing scales in India 2021, let’s recall fundamental physics. Weight is the addition of mass and gravity. The weighing machine shows weight even if you push the weighing lever with your hand. While the mass of your finger is constant, the force you apply adds to gravitational force. The greater the pressure on the unit, the higher the weight it shows. The weighing machine uses a strain gauge load cell, which is a type of transducer that transforms pressure into electrical signals. Such electrical signals are transmitted to the LCD, displaying the weight.

Weighing machine uses

Weighing ingredients

The most common use of the kitchen weighing scale is measures of ingredients. Maybe you’ve noticed, the same dish we make may have different tastes. The change is because we measure the used ingredients with tablespoons or teaspoons. We have no separate calculation of half teaspoon or quarter tablespoon. Some ingredients, such as spices and salt, are powerful and make a massive difference to the dish if not used in exact amounts. A kitchen weighing machine gives you freedom from 0.01 to 10 Kg. Therefore, if you want a great meal, make sure you use the ingredients after weighing them.

Bakeries and confectionery

Bakeries and confectionery require measuring ingredients for a professional reason. Professionals run Bakeries with the help of a kitchen-weighing unit. A slight error in amounts of ingredients may ruin your bakery’s taste. Bakeries can not run by guessing the volume of ingredients you use. The business also uses a kitchen-weighing machine in confectionery. Sweets and chocolates require accurate measurement of ingredients to be tasteful. 

Measuring liquids

The most overlooked truth about the kitchen weighing scale is that it can even calculate fluids. Simply change mode by pressing the mode button Measuring liquids in milliliter is useful in so many day-to-day practices. You may weigh milk, juice, and water you consume.

Workout regimen

If you’re in a fitness routine and want to lose weight, or build muscles, measure the meals you’re eating. Measure calorie intake and calories burned if you would like to lose weight. Many applications give you the exact calorie amount based on the weight of your meal. Using a fitness band, you can track calories burnt, but for measuring calorie intake, you need to be very specific. So if you’re on a fitness routine, a food weighing machine works as a great motivation.

Weight verification

There are many items we use every day, and we may test their weight out of inquisitiveness. You can check your wallet’s weight, your cell phone’s weight, or your handbag’s load you’re carrying Finding the weight could give you the approach to reduce unnecessary handbag products. Often, if you came back from a local market where they use analog weighing machines, you can always test their honesty with a kitchen weighing machine. You can also check your baggage weight while boarding airways. Airways have a weight limit you can carry. 

Ayurvedic medicines and pesticides

Most Ayurvedic medicines are in powdered or liquid form. The Ayurvedic doctor recommends consuming them by combining herbs based on weight. The Kitchen weighing scale can be precise when taking your medication. Likewise, pesticides and fertilizers act as plant medicine. Most of them are very powerful and can cause plant damage if not used in adequate quantities. You can also measure fluids using a kitchen weighing scale. Measure pesticides before use.

How to use a Kitchen weighing machine?

After you choose aan appliance from 10 best Kitchen weighing scales in India 2021, read the below instructions to know how to use it

1. Before first use

Open the shipping package and detach the weighing machine’s plastic covers. Clean the weighing machine with a wet cloth or wet tissue for hygiene.

2. Make sure to insert the batteries

The kitchen weighing machine may provide separate cells. Replace the battery cover, which is usually on the kitchen weighing machine’s backside. Plug the batteries by considering the batteries’ positive and negative end. Close your battery cover.

3. Place the weighing machine

Now place the weighing machine on a plain, flat, hard surface. The surface will give you an accurate measurement. We have addressed this in-depth in this post.

4. Place the container

Clean a receptacle and place it on the weighing machine. Make sure the container isn’t too heavy for the device to work smoothly. Most machines provide a measuring container.

5. Tare

Turn the machine using the “On” switch on the device. Click the tare button and restore the display to “null” reading. Tare will help you just to measure the weight of things you put in the container.

6. Place stuff in the container and weigh

Place fruits, vegetables or groceries in the container now. Don’t overload the measuring system. The machine displays LCD weight. Note the weight displayed if you do need to weigh more than one thing.

7. Turn off

Press the power button and turn off to save energy. If you do not use the weighing machine often, disconnect the batteries and close the battery lid.

Parts of a digital weighing machine


It informs you about your weight on the weighing board. When you press the mode button, the LCD screen displays the selected modes. It also shows the “O-Ld” symbol when overwhelmed with the maximum weight. When calibrating or using this machine’s Tare function, you can check through the display.


There will be four rubber padding built at the bottom of your weighing machine. It plays a vital role in keeping the device stable. Losing any of these rubbers will impact the weight calculated precision because you won’t have a leveled base.

Battery input

At the back of the kitchen weighing machine, you should find a place to mount batteries. Such batteries provide the energy required for operating the weighing machine. The number of Batteries may vary from machine to machine. Make sure you close the battery cover once inspecting the batteries. If the unit is not often in use, make sure you remove the batteries. Even don’t leave the device upright for long as it drains the batteries.

Weighing platform

This is a place to keep items to weigh. Make sure there are no other particles on this platform for correct weight. Clean this platform with a wet cloth or wet tissue. Please use no strong abrasive solvents to clean this platform or device.

Touch Buttons

1. Power

Power key to turn on or off the weighing unit. It’s a touch key that acts like an on and off toggle. When you long-press this button on some weighing units, the device will restart. Advance weighing machines have automated on/off function.

2. Tare

As discussed, We can use the Tare button to measure weight without considering the weight of the container. When setting the Tare function, press this button and set the machine weight to zero.

3. Mode

A weighing machine offers different modes. To change the modes between grams abbreviated as grams and ounce abbreviated as Oz, press this button. An ounce is a British based measurement system. Advance weighing machines also provide the ability to measure liquids in different modes. Modes for measuring fluids or volume are abbreviated as ml and fluid ounce as fl.oz. 

The table below explains the conversion factor:

1000 gm

1 Kilogram

16 ounce

1 Pound

2.20 Pound

1 Kilogram

1000 ml

1 Litre

33.81 fl.oz

1 Litre

Functions of a weighing machine


If the kitchen weighing machine gives you incorrect reading, calibration will fix it. The calibration function is provided in advance weighing machines. Suppose you calculate the weight of “5” kg and the screen shows “3” kg, calibration will fix this. The calibration feature helps restore reading to normal. Follow the following steps to calibrate the weighing machine: 

  1. Consult the user manual for the calibration feature. 
  2. Generally, pressing two specific buttons (Mode+up) simultaneously or pressing long buttons (mode) activates the calibration function.
  3. Place a standard weight on the weighing machine, e.g. “5” kg.
  4. Use the special up and side button given until the weighing machine displays “5” Kg.
  5. Click the “Tare” button again.

The machine is reset, showing accurate results!


We can the Tare function to determine the exact weight of the measurement items. That’s the weight weighed excluding the container. 


Suppose  You’re measuring sugar at home. You’ll need to hold it in a receptacle, put sugar in it.

Total weight displayed=(a) Sugar weight + (b) Container weight

In such a situation, you can not calculate merely sugar weight. The weight shown has an error. The Tare function comes into play here.

Keep the empty container on the weighing machine. The machine shows an empty container weight. Click the tare button. The computer must re-read “zero.” Now adding sugar shows just sugar weight.

Total weight displayed=(a)Sugar weight

Thus, Tare helps you determine the exact weight!

If the kitchen weighing machine is not working

Restart the machine

Restarting works in most situations. The kitchen weighing unit is electronic Like most electronic devices, once rebooting the device, it may start working. 

Change the batteries

Remember, the kitchen weighing machine works on batteries. Remove back cover and check if the batteries are correctly installed. The cells have a life too. If the LCDs dim numbers, this is a sign of weak batteries. Change the batteries and close the back panel. Make sure you’ve disposed of the old batteries.

If the kitchen weighing machine still doesn’t work, take it to the nearest electronics repair shop. You can also contact the manufacturer if the product is in warranty. Don’t bother fixing the weighing machine on your own. 

Digital weighing machine vs analog weighing machine

The electronic weighing machine is more reliable than a traditional weighing machine. The digital weighing machine has a minimal error margin. The digital weighing machine provides an extra function of measuring weight even in decimal points. Try this, buy vegetables from a nearby vegetable market where they use an analog weighing machine. Now, Measure these vegetables on a digital weighing machine. If you don’t own one, take it to a local shop with an electronic weighing machine. The weight difference will amaze you!

Single component

 The digital weighing machine is a unique, compact machine that works on simple, durable batteries. At the same time, they are changeable. The electronic weighing machine is more robust than the analog weighing machine. The analog weighing machine relies on standard weights for its operation. When you lose any weight, we won’t be able to measure the weight. The problem worsens if you lose over one weight. Either buy the lost weight or stop using the analog weighing machine.


The electronic weighing unit is lightweight and portable. The analog weighing system has weights, which makes it heavy. When you’re travelling, it’s hard to carry the analog weighing unit. 

Classy looks 

A kitchen weighing scale along with other kitchen appliances like Egg boiler, Vegetable chopper and Water purifier can make your kitchen look stylish. It can also be held as a single device, making it ready to use. There are many colors in kitchen weighing machines that can be purchased according to your kitchen theme. 

Additional features

The digital weighing machine has other functions, such as weight measurement in different units. With the digital weighing machine, you have Tare’s service, making it very likable. Most electronic weighing machines have a calibration feature. You don’t have such features in an analog weighing unit.

Precautions while using a weighing machine

For better performance of the device please read all the precautions regarding 10 best Kitchen weighing scales in India 2021.

Keep it away from the airflow

Make sure while you measure items on the kitchen weighing machine, the fans in your room are off. Cooling fans can generate additional wind strength, showing an increased weight when measuring stuff. Always, make sure you measure things in a closed environment so that the calculation is not influenced by flowing air.

Keep it away from sunlight exposure and magnets 

Direct sunlight causes air currents and temperature change, influencing the weight of objects you measure. The magnetic field exerted by magnets around the weighing machine may also influence weight. So for precise measurement, hold it away from direct sunlight and away from magnets.

Place the device on a flat surface and away from vibrations 

Always place the food weighing machine on a flat, hard and plain surface since weight involves not just mass but also gravity. The center of gravity differs when we e keep the weighing machine on an inclined surface. Furthermore, the gravitational force can make a difference if the surface is not hard or plain. If the base vibrates, it will impact the readings to be viewed and create a weight test error.

Do not try to modify or repair

The kitchen weighing machine runs on a simple mechanism, but do not attempt to change or fix it alone. If the machine has stopped working, take it to a local repair shop or contact the manufacturer from where you bought the device. Attempting to change or fix the weighing machine can affect the device’s accuracy.

Extra care with weighing machines operated by electricity

There are two types of weighing devices. If the weighing machine at your home works on electricity, you need to take extra care of it. Make sure you disconnect the device after weighing the objects. Keep it away from children as there is a danger of electric shock. Take care of the connecting wire. Roll it in a circular way when you finish using the device.

Avoid Explosive, water and temperature changes

Keep the kitchen weighing machine away from any sort of explosion to avoid physical damage. As this is an electronic device exposing it to water may affect its performance. You’ll find a difference in measurement when testing the same item at different temperatures. Try to keep the weighing machine in natural, constant temperature. This device works efficiently, if not subjected to any physical damage!

Limitations of Kitchen weighing scale 

Limited weight can be measured

 There is a maximum weighing limit of every scale mentioned in 10 Best Kitchen weighing scales in India 2021. And if you’re about to weigh things above maximum weight, you’ll be disappointed. The LCD will show a sign of overweight. An alternative is to measure items in sections and add the portions at the end. You can also use a body weight weighing scale is the weight is huge.

A suitable environment for accurate measurement

As discussed, the kitchen weighing machine should be kept in an appropriate environment. There should be no direct sunlight exposure, no high-flowing wind, no temperature change, and away from strong magnets. We can achieve these criteria in a closed room, but this can still be considered a restriction. 

It can make you obsessed with numbers

Remember to use this device only when you need to measure the food you are required to measure. Unless you’re on a strict diet or prescribed by a physician, don’t measure everything. Many people may be fascinated with this device and weigh everything they buy or consume. Don’t use it as a necessity. 

We suggest you buy a Kitchen weighing scale as it is helpful to measure food items, We hope this article on 10 best kitchen weighing scales in India 2021 has answered your questions relating to Kitchen weighing scale. If you have nay further queries, please let us know in the comment section.

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