10 Best Induction Cooktops in India 2020- Reviews & Beginner’s guide


This is the ultimate guide to 10 Best Induction cooktops in India 2020.

Cooking with an induction cooktop is a modern way to prepare food. It is an efficient, safe and time-saving method of cooking. We have evolved with gas stove cooktops, so we are not confident about switching to a new cooktop. This is the only explanation why the Induction Cooktop is unpopular. I urge you to read this article and understand the benefits of Induction cooktop and how to use it. By the end of this article, you will know a lot more about cooking with induction!

Induction cooktop vs gas stove


Electromagnetic technology is extremely efficient. Electromagnetic effects create eddy currents. It transfers the heat to the food you prepare through the base of utensils. The upper part of the utensil is not heated when cooking with an induction cooktop. Neither The region outside the ceramic plate is hot. Do not touch this area to avoid scalding. The reason being Induction Cooking uses eddy currents for heating purposes. However, gas stoves cooktops use convection technology. As a result, heat is transferred to the vicinity, and heat energy is lost. Whereas, cooking with induction does not waste energy.


As Induction cooktops operate on the principles of electromagnetism, they are highly efficient. That’s why preparing any food takes far less time than the gas cooktop does. You can also control the temperature effectively by using unique features like boiling, deep frying or pressure cooking. This is why you need much less time than a gas stove cooktop. You may try a simple recipe, like tea, coffee or boil milk. You’ll notice that induction cooking saves a lot of time!


Very often, we know that LPG gas leakage leads to an accident. LPG Gas accidents can cause widespread destruction. They may cause massive fires and explosions that could damage not only your house but also the environment. The explanation is that gas leakage can quickly reach long distances. Comparing LPG gas with an Induction cooktop, an induction cooktop is much safer than the gas cooktop. In an induction cooktop, there is no risk of explosion. That is why you will see new apartments designed with built-in induction cooktops. At some places, LPG gas cylinder is strictly prohibited!


The gas cooktops have two parts, LPG gas cylinder and the gas stove. It also has a connecting pipe to transfer the LPG gas from the cylinder to the burner. Although the connecting pipe and gas stoves are easy to carry, LPG gas cylinder is hefty! Moving a gas cylinder from one place to the next requires many efforts. This is not the case with a portable induction cooktop, because an induction cooktop is lightweight. You can carry an induction comfortably when you’re going to camp or having a picnic.

One time installation

Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) is the source of energy for gas cooktop, while its electricity for the induction cooktop. Electricity is more readily available than LPG, especially in the case of a country like India. We need regular checking of our gas cylinders if you have a gas cooktop. Often there is no delivery of gas cylinders at home, and we need to go out to the distribution chain. Gas stoves also include the booking of gas cylinders.

In some cases, the gas cylinder is exhausted, and we have no other source of energy. An induction cooktop is a simple setup. For cooking, we solely need electricity. We do not require gas cylinders or lighters for its service.

Control over temperature

A gas stove has three levels of heating. The three levels are Sim, Medium and high. Once cooked at certain temperatures, it improves efficiency, decreases cooking time and even makes tasty food. The induction cooking process here wins over gas stove cooking. The induction cooktop has a wide range of temperatures. It also has a timer function that automatically switches off the induction cooktop when cooking is completed. If you choose any cooking mode, most of the induction cooktops will show the temperature accordingly.

Specific features

The induction cooktop has a lot more features than the gas cooktop. There are many different ways to prepare food. According to the recipe, we can choose from fierce fire, steam, hot pot and deep fry. When using an induction cooktop, we can use temperature controls, auto-off features, whereas these features are unavailable with gas stove cooking.

Ease of cleaning

Gas cooktops feature burners and utensil holders, which creates cleaning challenges. We have to remove the supports during cleaning. The gas furnace is not a flat surface; therefore, it is difficult to clean. Cleaning gets delay because of these obstructions. You’ll encounter adamant stains that can’t be removed easily with a wet cloth.

On the other hand, cleaning the induction is quite simple. There is a flat surface, and there are no supporters or burners. Once the cooking has finished, wait until the ceramic platform is cooled. Ensure the ignition is switched off, cooled and wiped with a wet sponge.

Types of cooking induction

Portable Induction cooktop

The portable induction cooktop is the most popular induction cooktop. Compared to the other two types, this form of induction is inexpensive. It needs less space. This type of induction cooktop is easily portable. At the same moment, this induction cooktop’s Watts energy score is lower than both. A portable induction cooktop along with some other kitchen applainces like Hand blender, Electric kettle and Water purifier can give your kitchen a modern and sophisticated look. and  The article on 10 best Induction cooktops in India 2020 primarily concerns the portable induction cooktop. 

Built-in Induction cooktop

The built-in induction cooktop is unportable, and it is mounted on the kitchen platform. Such cooktops are primarily used in developed countries. Nowadays, we can find them in India as well. This kind of induction cooktop is installed when your kitchen is being designed or refurbished. If you’re planning to buy a built-in induction cooktop, prepare ahead of time before buying a new home. It might take a lot of effort to have an induction installed afterwards.

Freestanding Induction

This type of induction cooktop is not widely used. Such an induction cooktop has an oven. The oven is attached under the induction cooktop, to make it convenient for cooking and baking. Such inductions are high in watt power. Professional chefs use these primarily. The induction cooktop can be moved from one position to another but requires more effort. These are costly, and we should buy if it completes both of our needs.

We can further classify the Induction Cooktops as Single Unit Induction Cooktop and Multi-Unit Induction Cooktop: 

Single Unit Induction Cooktop

A single portable unit is the most popular induction cooktop. In such a type of Induction cooktop, you have one cooking zone Opt for such a cooktop if you want an emergency alternative to a gas cooktop. You may also go for this type if you have a nuclear family and do less cooking. 

Multi-unit induction cooktop

There are several cooking zones in this induction cooktop. They are expensive, but they are also very powerful. We can have two, three, four or more kitchen zones in such a type of induction cooktop. It is wise to opt for a multi-unit induction cooktop if you plan to replace your gas stove completely. Multi-unit induction cooktop saves time since you can prepare multiple recipes simultaneously. If you live in a joint family or cook in large quantities, use such an induction cooktop. Built-in induction cooktops are generally multi-unit.

Features of Induction cooktop

The features of 10 Best Induction Cooktops in India 2020 may vary according to different models. you may find most of the below mentioned feature in any Induction Cooktop


It triggers or deactivates induction cooktop. Alternatively on and off work, but the same button can access it. We should turn off the induction cooktop using this touch key before we switch off the induction cooktop from the primary source. 


This feature allows an automatic turn-off of the induction. Simply enter the time for which we want to cook. We can see the countdown on the screen.

Temperature control

There may be two special touch buttons for this purpose. The Plus button raises the temperature, and the Minus button lowers the temperature. 


Click the touch key until the required mode is in operation. We can see the operating mode on the LCD. Otherwise, we may see different modes with unique indicators on the induction cooktop. This indicator helps you understand the style currently in operation. We have explained the different modes in this article. 


The beeping makes you know the cooking time is over; the time you entered using the timer function. If you hear continuous beeping and error “E0” on the LCD, this is likely because the induction cooktop is unable to detect the cooking utensils. You may need using utensils, as discussed in this article. If the beeping or the error “E0” persist, we need repairing the induction cooktop!


With this mode, you can boil milk or water. With this feature, you can keep the dal warm if you want to store it for a day.


Slow cook 

If we want to cook long meals, this feature is helpful. Slow cook mode operates at a low temperature. 

Stir fry

Use this mode when you want to fry or temper your food. 

Pressure cook 

We can use this mode when using a pressure cooker. 

Deep fry

Use this mode when you wish to deep fry french fries, chicken or fish.


It’s an LCD readout panel. The mode, temperature, and timer are shown in this display. If errors occur during the operation of the induction cooktop, a specific code will be displayed here. This particular code can vary from cooktop to cooktop. We can decode the error signal by reading the user manual. If you have lost the user manual, you can download the PDF manual from the Internet.

How to choose an induction cooktop?


The features of the induction are the most crucial part to consider when buying an induction cooktop. Before purchasing an electric induction cooktop, keep a note of all your requirements. Hundreds of induction cooktops are on the market and serve a variety of purposes. Purchase an induction cooktop that meets the criteria of a mode, watts, warranty, timekeeping, auto-switch off and the features listed below. Don’t buy a costly device that has many features but isn’t helpful to you. 


The power that drives all of your electrical and electronic devices will make a difference when you select one. The direct difference is the amount of time it takes to make a recipe. If you intend to use the induction cooktop as the primary cooking appliance, purchase a greater watt induction cooktop. With higher watt energy, your induction cooktop will withstand a heavy workload and run longer.


Reading reviews is the best way to understand the quality of the product you are planning to purchase. Read the reviews correctly and try the question and answer part if you have any doubts about your induction cooktop. Post an issue if you do not find the question you would like to understand. It’s better to wait until we settle all our doubts than to end up buying a low-quality product. Reading reviews is the best way to avoid marketing traps. Also, give real feedback when you purchase a device. Giving feedback will help others to decide and will assist companies to improve their device. Some brands will contact you if you do a poor review and make sure to resolve your problem.


Whenever electrical or electronic equipment is purchased, we should consider the guarantee. If the warranty is more prolonged, this is a positive sign. Please read all the terms of the warranty application. Keep the warranty card secure and claim the warranty if you have any problems with the device.

Length of the Power cord

Many induction cooktops are excellent with all their facilities, but the length of the input wire is limited. Note that it is dangerous to run cooktops with an Extension Board. If wire length is not adequate, it will cause other problems like setting up a separate table to hold the cooktop induction. After you buy an induction cooktop, keep the wire safe and never let it hang around the corner. Hanging it around will result in wire cuts that are extremely dangerous and could lead to electrical shocks.

Top 10 best Induction cooktop in India

Philips Viva Collection HD4938/01 2100-Watt Induction Cooktop with Sensor Touch (Black)

Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01 2100-Watt Induction Cooktop (Black)

Prestige Omega Granite  3 piece set BYK + PIC 20 1200 Watt Induction Cooktop with Push button (Black)

Prestige PIC 20 1200 Watt Induction Cooktop with Push button (Black)

Philips HD4929 2100-Watt Induction Cooker (Black)

Usha Cook Joy (3616) 1600-Watt Induction Cooktop (Black)

Pigeon by Stovekraft Cruise 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop (Black)

Bajaj Majesty ICX 7 1900-Watt Induction Cooktop (Black)

Havells Insta Cook PT 1600-Watt Induction Cooktop (Assorted Colors)

V-Guard VIC-15 2000-Watt Induction Cooktop (Black)

How to use an induction cooktop?

After you have selected an induction from 10 best Induction cooktops in India 2020, follow the below steps to know the proper procedure of using an Induction cooktop.

Plugin the power cord in the main supply

Keep the induction cooktop on a flat surface. Ensure free air inlet and outlet activity. Hold the induction cooktop away from television, radio, mobile, as the electromagnetic-caused eddy currents cause a problem to their message carriers. This is known as radio wave interference. The first step is to connect the power cord to the socket. Switch on the mains supply. 

Place the container on the ceramic plate

The second step is to place the container on the induction cooktop. Please refer here for more information on the induction containers. The ceramic plate is encircled in the heating area. Put the container exactly on the ceramic plate. The base of the container should be at the centre of the ceramic plate. You can get an error message on display or listen to a beep sound if we have not placed the container correctly.

Select mode

Switch the power button on the induction cooktop. Then, according to the food you cook, select the mode of cooking. In this article, we discussed the different modes of cooking. There is a possibility that you may not have separate buttons for different modes. In such a case, you must continuously press the button until the desired mode is available. You can confirm the mode with the display or the light under different modes.

Select the temperature

Upon choosing a mode, the cooktop is reset to a predetermined temperature. We suggest you cook food at this temperature. However, if you want to increase or decrease the temperature, you can do so with the help of the touch buttons provided. The temperature is directly related to the time we need to prepare the food. If you want to cook your food quickly, you can increase the temperature.

Set timer

The timer is one of the best features of any inducton cooktop mentioned in 10 best Induction cooktops in India 2020. Set the time for using the induction. Use the provided touch button to set the time. You can see the time on the display. The cooktop switches off once the time is over.

Switch off

If you do not wish to use the timer function, the induction cooktop can be switched off by the touch button. Take off the induction container and place it on the kitchen platform. For some time, do not remove the induction from the supply. We may hear some sound from the induction cooktop. The fan cools the electromagnetic film after using it. After 3 minutes, we should switch off the induction cooktop from the mains supply. Fold the wire around the cooktop in a circular manner.

Cleaning up

Please make sure the cooktop is cool. Do not delay the cooktop’s cleaning, or we may have to face tough stains. You may use the cooktop cleaning liquid. You may also use any soft cleansing liquid for cleaning. Clean the cooktop with a damp cloth. Do not hold it under running water. Then let it dry and clean the induction cooktop with a dry cloth.


Please read all the safety measures regarding 10 best Induction cooktops in India 2020. Take all the safety measure while using an Induction cooktop

Do not touch the heating plate after right after using the induction

Induction Cooktops work on electromagnetism as discussed. The heating plate is hot for some time, even if we complete the cooking. Don’t touch the heater right after cooking. You may find the other areas of induction cooktop cool. 

Do not place the induction cooktop on paper or cloth

The induction cooktop is mobile, but we should take care at the same time. Remember it has an outlet to pass hot air. It is also associated with heat and electricity. Do not place an electric cooktop on flammable products like cloth, paper, etc. Ensure to keep away all flammable products before using the Induction cooktop. There is a chance of fire and an unfortunate accident!

Do not place hefty material on the heating plate

The heating plate will likely be damaged if we place heavyweight on the cooktop. The user manual indicates the maximum weight it can handle. Stop using the induction cooktop when we see cracks on the heating plate due to heavyweight. If we do not take proper care, an electric shock or even fire is possible. 

Do not immerse the induction cooktop in water

Unplug the device before you clean it up. The induction cooktop has a flat, smooth layer and is easy to clean. An induction cooktop isn’t a washable device. It’s got an inlet and an outlet that will trigger water damage. Never wash the induction cooktop under flowing water. 

Keep the induction cooktop away from TV and cell phones

Electromagnetic waves from the induction cooktop may cause disturbances in these devices. Keep the device away from your children!

Utensils used for Induction cooking

After choosing from 10 Best induction cooktops in India 2020, also consider buying induction compatible utensils.


Induction cooktop are based on the concept of electromagnetism. To pass heat by electromagnetism, you’ll need magnetism-compliant utensils. i.e. materials that can be attached to a magnet. Therefore, the utensils you intend to use should be made of stainless steel or cast iron. They adhere to the electromagnetic coil via the ceramic plate, which helps to transfer heat. We will get an error at the display if we try using utensils made of porcelain, glass, ceramics, or aluminium. Such material does not follow the principle of magnetism, and therefore heat can not be transmitted through such utensils. The easiest way to check whether the utensil is suitable for induction cooking is to place a magnet at the bottom of the utensil. If the magnet is attached to the utensil, we are ready to go!


The size of the utensils should fit the ceramic platform. Generally, Utensils should neither be less than 12 cm in diameter nor more than 20 cm in diameter. But the actual size would be mentioned in your user manual. If the utensils are larger or smaller than the size specified, we will get an error message.


Utensils shall not be convex or concave in form. It’s supposed to be flat at the bottom. The ceramic plate needs proper interaction with the utensils if the heat is to be transferred by electromagnetism. Specially crafted flat base utensils are readily available in online and offline markets. So if you’re planning to buy new utensils, buy some of them with a flat base. They can operate both on the induction cooktop and the gas cooktop. Several companies have also started to produce utensils that have a flat and useful base for both cooktops.

We suggest you buy and induction cooktop as it is efficient, time saving and safe. Please consider features, watts and reviews before buying. Exercise all the mentioned precautions while using an induction cooktop. Employ all the modes of an induction cooktop wisely. Use proper utensils during induction cooking. We hope this article on 10 best Induction cooktops in India 2020 has answered most of the questions related to induction cooking. If you have any further queries, feel free to contact us!

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