10 Best Hand blenders in India 2020- Reviews & Beginner’s guide


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A hand blender is a blessing for those who believe in preparing super quick recipes! It is convenient, user friendly, and multifunctional, making it very unique. It is useful in home kitchens, where people do not want to make regular meals using a separate juicer, grinder, or food processor. A budding amateur cook will undoubtedly go for a blender as it makes a lot of tasks more manageable. The great thing about hand blowers is that like electric kettles, vegetable choppers, and egg boilers, they save space and are cheap. Hand Blender also has titles such as an immersion blender, handheld blenders, stick blender, bermixer, and wand blender.

10 Best Hand blenders in India 2020

This list contains the best hand blender to buy in India.

Hand blenderWattsBlades or AttachmentsBuy at Amazon
Orpat HHB-100E WOB 250
Maharaja Whiteline Turbomix350
Philips Daily Collection HL1655/00250Blades
Boss B101 Portable Blender125Blades
Boss PLATINUM180Blades
Inalsa Robot INOX 1000 Plus1000Attachments
Morphy Richards HBCP400Attachments
Philips HR1602/00550Attachments
Braun Multiquick MQ 5035 750Attachments
KOIOS 500 Watt500Attachments

Inexpensive Top 5 Best Hand blenders (2020)

Orpat HHB-100E WOB Hand Blender

This is definitely the best hand blender. This hand blender has 250 Watt power. It is white in color.  It has 6-speed functions and is very compact in size. It has a warranty of 1 year and its RPM is 18000. It is wall mountable.


  • Value for money
  • Economical
  • High watt power
  • Good built quality
  • Wall mountable


  • Is provided with a single blade
  • Blade is not detachable which makes it difficult to clean

Maharaja Whiteline Turbomix Hand Blender

The best thing about this hand blender is that it is powerful. This hand blender has 350 watts of power. It is red and white in color. It is light in weight and easy to handle. It has a hanging loop that mounts it to the wall. Its warranty is 2 years.


  • Detachable stem makes it easy to clean
  • High watt power
  • Wall mountable
  • Blades are covered with anti splash flow breakers


  • Is provided with a single blade
  • The length of the blade is small in size

Philips Daily Collection HL1655/00 Hand Blender 

Philips is a very well-known brand. This hand blender has 250W power. It is white in color. It has removable blades and comes with a stainless steel arm. It is easy to handle due to its ergonomic design. Its warranty is 2 years. It has an RPM of 18000. It is wall mountable.


  • It comes with two different blades for whisking and whipping
  • Good watt power
  • Wall mountable
  • Ergonomic design


  • Stem is not detachable, take extra care while cleaning it.

Boss B101 Portable Blender

The hand blender comes with 3 blades. This hand blender has 125 Watt power. It is grey in color. Its stem is made of stainless steel. It is wall mountable. It has a warranty of 2 years on motor. It has an RPM of 12000.


  • It can be operated at 2 variable speed
  • Comes with 3 different blades
  • Wall mountable


  • Low watt power

Boss PLATINUM Hand Blender

This hand blender is available in black, gray and white colors. It has a power of 180 watts. It has a very beautiful design. It can be operated at 2 variable speeds. It has a 2-year warranty on the motor. It comes with 3 blades and is wall mountable.


  • Good built Quality
  • Value for money
  • Can be operated at 2 different speed
  • Longer shaft


  • No attachments like chutney maker, processor and beaker

Mid-range hand blenders

Inalsa Hand Blender Robot INOX 1000 Plus

This hand blender has everything we should look for in a hand blender and is definitely a value for money product. This hand blender has 1000 watts power. It is available in silver / black color. It comes with attachments such as chopper, multipurpose jar, chopper and masher. It also has LED light. It has a variable speed function. Its warranty is 2 years. It is made with antisplash technology and has a detachable stem. It can be mounted on a wall.


  • Detachable stem makes it easy to clean
  • High watt power
  • It can be operated at variable speed
  • It comes with variable attachments
  • Elegant design and has anti-splash design
  • Value for money


  • No cons as such

Morphy Richards HBCP Hand Blender 

Morphy Richards is a very famous brand in hand blender . This hand blender has 400 Watt power. It is white in color. It has a plastic shaft. It is wall mountable. It has a warranty of 2 years. It has an RPM of 12000.


  • Detachable stem makes it easy to clean
  • It can be operated at variable speed
  • It comes with a chopper attachment and measuring beaker.
  • Value for money


  • No cons as such

Philips HR1602/00 Hand Blender 

It is a very good hand blender in terms of quality. This hand blender has 550 watts power. It is available in white color. It comes with chopper and beaker. It is made with anti-splash technology and has a detachable stem. It has a 2-year warranty on the product.


  • Good built Quality
  • Comes with a chopper and beaker attachment
  • Removable stem makes it easy to clean
  • Elegant and anti splash design.


  • Cannot be operated on multiple speed

High-end hand blenders

Braun Multiquick MQ 5035 

Braun is one of the best brands in the world when it comes to hand blender. This hand blender is a high-end model. This hand blender has 750 W power with silent motor. Its RPM is 13500. It is available in white color. It comes with attachments such as processor, multipurpose jar and chopper. It has a 21-variable speed option. It is made with anti splash technology and has a detachable stem.


  • Detachable stem makes it easy to clean
  • High watt power
  • It can be operated at variable speed
  • It comes with variable attachements
  • Elegant design and has antisplash design
  • Quality Product from a good brand


  • A bit expensive

KOIOS 500 Watt Hand Blender 

This is a high-end hand blender with high-quality built and elegant style  . This hand blender has low noise 500 Watt power motor. It can be operated at 6-12 variable speed. It is available in red color. It comes with attachments like food processor, beaker and whisk. It is designed with anti splash technology and has a detachable stem. 


  • Detachable stem makes it easy to clean
  • Has a Turbo button
  • It can be operated at variable speed
  • It comes with variable attachments
  • Elegant design and has anti splash design.
  • Very good Quality


  • No cons as such

How to choose a Hand Blender?

If you are choosing the best hand blender in the world or the best hand blender in India, the following factors play a major role:


Watts demonstrates the strength of the hand blender, the most important feature. The higher the watt, the higher the energy, and the stronger task it can do. The power of an electric hand blender can be a dealer or a breaker. A 100-watt small blender cannot do a solid job, and this reduces the multi-functionality of the food blender. So we should avoid buying low power hand mixers. However, Watts alone does not define the efficiency of the blender machine. Before selecting any mixer, we should consider several other factors.


The more watts, the more likely it is to be noisy.

Revolution Per Minute (RPM)

RPM means “revolutions per minute,” the speed you can use to rotate the hand blender. RPM indicates the maximum speed of your hand blender. More watts can be more RPM. However, RPM also depends on the composition, weight and other components of the hand blender. Almost all hand mixers have speed control functionality. We should not handle all food at peak blender speed. We can vary the speed according to the stuff we are using. Or otherwise, operating the hand blender at full RPM will cause problems in return.


This is an important thing before buying a hand blender. The hand blender is a hold-in-hand device. For preparing long-term dishes, the weight of the hand blender should not be a burden. It is not easy if it has more weight, instead it will be difficult to move. The weight will affect its revolutions per minute (RPM) and other functionality. It should not be too light at the same time, because during heavy work, it will not be stable.

Blade Strength

When you plan to process a wide range of dishes, the strength of the blade makes a difference. If the blade strength is excellent, you can mince or chop the chicken in a blender. If the strength of your blade is not strong, you can break the blade of your mixer. The blade must not only be sharp, but also strong. Many hand blends have blades that cannot handle coffee beans or hard nuts. Before processing any hard food, look in the description or user manual, if you can prepare such ingredients with that hand blender.


Check the various blades and attachments that support your hand blender. A mini blender may contain items such as whisk, masher, hand beater, chopper and juicer, chutney maker, measuring jar, etc. Remember that a hand blender has different blades or attachments for different tasks. The electric blender will be able to perform the desired task only if it has the necessary blades and attachments. We have discussed in detail about all blades and attachments in a later section. If you are buying a hand blender online, look in the Q&A section, which we can do with our portable blender. The recipes your portable hand blender can make depends on the watts, the strength of the blades, the revolutions per minute (RPM) and the attachments.

Hand blender Masher attachment
masher how to use a hand blender to make baby food Hand blender to mash potatoes
Hand blender S shaped blade
S-shaped blade types of blenders for smoothies immersion blender hand mixer

Wall Hanging stand

A wall hanging stand comes with most of the hand blenders. The hanging stand enables our hand mixer to save space. Your hand blender can be simply mounted on the wall once you’ve finished using it. Something on our kitchen platform is better than something in our closets. If you see it often, you will end up making more recipes with the hand blender. You might use it in innovating new recipes! If a wall hanging stand isn’t provided with a hand blender, you can buy it accordingly.


The hand blender’s design now a day is pleasant and slim. The manufacturers Ultimately discovered that individuals tend to keep it mounted on the wall. They have stopped producing bulky hand blenders. A hand blender with a good design will help your kitchen look beautiful and equipped with technology.

Length of the wire

Using a hand blender is similar to using a cell phone while charging. The longer the cable, the better it can be used. A hand blender is a hand-held machine. The wire’s length should be enough so that you can reach your beaker and carry out your task conveniently. 

Maximum run time 

Maximum runtime is the most common misunderstanding when we use a hand blender. The Hand Blender is a device that should halt after a while. When you buy a hand blender, Read the user manual for the maximum runtime of operating without a break. The maximum run time differs from product to product. Do not run the blender for more than the time indicated. Allow the motor to cool down. If you use a hand blender over the specified time, your hand blender will probably cease to work!

Speed control

Most of the hand blenders are equipped with a speed control knob. Different hand blenders have different speed levels. We should use this function according to the recipe. We must not treat all recipes at the highest speed.


Some hand blenders have a turbo button. Using this button, we can achieve the highest speed. When we push this knob, The hand blender starts operating at maximum Revolution Per Minute (RPM). We should use this feature wisely. This function should not be used to treat all recipes. Use the turbo button only if you want to use the hand blender at full speed for a few seconds.


Before you purchase any hand blender, check the feedback on the internet. Chances exist that a top brand may not offer the right products. Avoid buying hand blenders with less than and an average score of 3/5. Please check the Q&A section below and ask questions that are not answered. We can read Every feature of a hand blender simultaneously.


Before buying a hand blender, check the warranty. If the guarantee is for a more extended period, the credibility of the product increases. If your device doesn’t function properly, you may claim it under warranty. Verify if all attachments supplied with a hand blender are covered under warranty.


The more power, the noisier a hand blender may be. Hand blenders have recently been equipped with a low noise DC motor. This function is listed on the box of the hand blender. If you prefer having a hand blender with low noise, check out for reviews before buying one.


Different brands like Philips, Prestige, Orpat, Boss, Maharaja, Bajaj, and Morphy Richards are renowned for their high-quality hand blenders. Do not blindly go for brands lookout for various features like Watts, Revolution Per Minute (RPM), attachments, weight, noise, warranty, etc. that are discussed. If all the other features are the same, we suggest that an established brand should be preferable to a new brand. You can visit amazon.in to view the best hand blender prices.

We have made a list considering all these factors and added the best hand blender under Rs 1000, the best hand blender under Rs 1500, and the best hand blender under Rs 2000.

Power free Hand blenders

Nowadays, we may see Power freehand blenders in the market. Compared with hand blenders that operate on electricity, these rechargeable blenders are very inexpensive. But, these blenders are less powerful. These blenders can not even conduct simple blending activities. You will not find any of these in the list of 10 Best Hand Blenders in India 2020. We suggest you avoid buying such hand blenders.

How to use a Hand Blender in Kitchen?

After you have one of the 10 Best Hand Blenders in India 2020, follow the below instructions on using it.

1. User Manual

The most underrated document we receive with any appliance is a user manual. Whenever we purchase a product, the first step is reading the user manual. Different blenders have specific functions, attachments, and a way to use. Make sure you keep the user manual secure until the unit is with you. You can access this from the company website if you misplace the user manual. Later we have mentioned the general way of using a hand blender.

2. Check out attachments

With the hand blender, we get different accessories & blades. These attachments and blades differ from product to product and from brand to brand. Check all the attachments and blades that you must receive with your Hand blender. You may get a wall hanging stand, Tall container, chutney attachment, juicer attachment, etc. With a hand blender, blades such as mincer, S-shaped or chopping, whisk, beater, etc. may be received. Keep all these attachments and blades safe with you; they will be useful in preparing the different recipe. We must make recipes by using the right blades and attachments. The right accessories save your time, electricity, and effort. You don’t get the ideal outcome if you’re using the incorrect blade or attachment. Maybe you will ruin your recipe, too!

3. Knowing the structure

Any hand blender is composed of 3 components:

Motor unit

This component consists of the engine that controls your machine. The speed controller and turbo button are linked with this unit. Never contact the motor unit with water to avoid the risk of electric shock.


This is the part that connects the motor unit with blades. This part makes it possible for the device to be at an altitude from the material you are blending. 


This is the lowermost part of any hand blender. Replace blades and attachments from here as needed.

4. Connect the proper Blades and attachment

Before connecting to the power supply, mount the appropriate blades and attachments. Make sure that the blade is locked correctly, or it could trigger an Accident. Please look up the user manual carefully about every attachment. Use any attachment according to your recipe. Example: If your eggs are to be blended, use a whisk. Below we have discussed the right attachments for different recipes.

5. Avoid shallow liquids 

Make sure the blades are completely immersed in the liquid while you are using it.

We must avoid Shallow liquids. The blender can not conduct its role Efficiently when you have fluids of little depth.

6. Be comfortable

Hold the hand blender in one hand and the bowl in the other. That keeps the beaker stable while using the hand blender. It makes you comfortable while using the hand blender.

7. Place the blender in the material to be handled

Use a tall mixing container that avoids the spilling of the material. Many hand blenders provide a large container for coping with this. We can treat the stuff in Chunks. Place the mixer in the stuff to be handled before you turn on the switch. Doing This prevents the possibility of spilling the liquid. The mixer must not be dipped till the motor unit. It should be placed vertically in the blender to get better results.

8. Plug it into a 230 V

Connect the wire to a wall outlet of 230 V. Avoid connecting the device to an extension box. Make sure you have proper electrical earthing to avoid the risk of electric shock. Hold the Blender from the motor unit and operate it with your forefinger. Turn on the Blender at the lowest speed.

9. Move around the blender slowly

Tilt it slightly and start moving it in either clockwise or anticlockwise direction. Moving it around will assist the product blend ideally. Hand blender usage is a job that should be used gently. Remember, there is a powerful machine in your hand. Do not be in a hurry that will only spill the liquid, and will make your task more burden. 

10. Gradually increase the speed of the blender

Increase the speed of your hand blender according to the Meal to be Handled. There’s a reason why, in any blender, we have many speed limits. Don’t just push the button to the maximum speed. It helps you to achieve a better outcome.

11. Turn off the power knob

Once you get the desired result, turn off the hand blender with your forefinger. Switch off the 230V power and pull off the wire. Then take the blender out of the beaker and place over it for a few seconds. It helps the fluid on the stem and blades to drip into the glass. Unplug the blender before changing the blades.

12. Cleaning the hand blender

 Easy cleaning is one of the best features of a hand-blender. Unlock and detach the blades carefully and rinse them with warm water. Hold the bottom of the stem under flowing tap water. Please don’t let the water come in contact with the motor unit or enter it. A damp cloth should be used to clean the plastic body. Clean the stem and blades of the hand blender as quickly as your job is finished. Doing this doesn’t permit the formation of any fungus and therefore keeps you safe. After this fold, the wire and hang the hand blender on the wall hanging a stand.


The precautions are generally overlooked while considering 10 Best Hand Blenders in India 2020. Please read all the precautions carefully and be safe.

Keep the hand blender away from children

Although it is shown in many Advertisements that a hand blender is a simple tool to use, this instrument must be held back from kids. Not only electrical shock but also sharp edges are at risk. The blades are not mounted like a tabletop blender and are easy to access, which increases the danger.

Do Not touch the blades

Several blades of a blender are sharp. They can cut your fingers. The chopper blade, in particular, is very sharp! Always hold them with the upper plastic part. Take extra care while cleansing these blades.

Do not use the blender while cooking

Please Do not use the blender while cooking. We saw some individuals doing this to avoid many other efforts. There are chances of spilling the liquid and cause scalding. Always Put the meal in another beaker. This will make your work more intense but is secure!

Limitations of a hand blender

Many believe that the hand mixer and hand blender is the same appliance. I haven’t knowingly added any hand mixer in 10 Best Hand Blenders in India 2020. A hand blender is an amateur cook’s multi-use device. Whereas, the Learned chefs use a hand mixer, especially in the bakery, to get perfect results. The best way to make the dough, and cake batter, is to use a hand mixer. A hand blender can not do tasks like mixing dough or batter. At the same time, it is not possible to replace a tabletop blender with a hand blender. A hand blender is not as powerful as a hand mixer.

Many uses of Hand Blender

This blog not only covers 10 Best Hand Blenders in India 2020, but also about hand blender blade types and uses. Hand blenders have lots of attachments. They all have a particular use. There are possibilities that you won’t get every one of these attachments along with your hand blender. Thus before purchasing a hand blender, be convinced that you buy a hand blender with the attachments that you require. Here I’ve listed the Variety of attachment and also where these blades may be utilized :

Top 10 best hand blenders in India 2020
hand blender to make juice hand blender juicer attachment
Top 10 best hand blenders in India 2020
Chutney maker attachment hand blender to make chutney


We can use a Mincer blade to make minimal parts of vegetables or meat. You can chop meat, cheese, onions, garlic, carrots, etc. into very fine pieces with this blade. You simply have to pre-cut the things you are using. Remove stalks, unshelled nuts, from veggies. Remove bones, tendons, and cartilage from meat. The longer you use the mincer, the finer will be the result. You can use the mincer blade to make shakes like aamras (mango shake) and milkshakes if you don’t have a Juicer attachment.

Chopper blade or the S-shaped blade

The most common blade with all hand blenders. It is not difficult to find the best hand blender with chopper. The blade is used for cutting vegetables. You won’t have to buy a separate chopper if you have this blade. Mincer chops distinguish a mincer and a chopper into very fine pieces, and a chopper cuts them into medium pieces. These vegetables can be used during cooking or garnishing. Before grinding, cut the vegetables into pieces. We use this blade personally to chop onions and tomatoes that are needed to make the recipe. With this blade, we can cut, spinach, cabbage, and other steamed vegetables. The most common use of this blade is for making smoothies

Beater blade

This blade is best when dealing with whipped cream, mayonnaise, mixed deserts and making ghee. This blade helps the air to pass while blending. The whipped cream can be used for pies, butter, puddings, mousse. Take cold cream in a container. Switch on the blender. Move the blender up and down and also tilt it at an angle for the air to pass. To achieve better results, use a tall and narrow container. If you want to use whipped cream for Professional Considerations like in bakeries, go for a hand mixer rather than a hand blender.

Whisk blade

This blade is for cocktails, milkshakes, butter curds, lassi, and so on. It can also be used as a coffee blender With a whisk blade, always Begin using the hand blender from speed level 1 and then increase the speed gradually. For making lassi, add curd in a container and mix some water. Add salt to taste. Switch on the blender for a few seconds and get the desired result! 


There are few hand blenders with a juicer attachment also known as juice blenders. Juicer is not a blade but a completely different attachment. This attachment can be used as a fruit blender to make juices, such as watermelon, oranges, pineapple, sweet lime, etc.

Chutney attachment

Like the juicer attachment, some blenders have a chutney attachment. Chutney attachment too is a full connection, not just a blade. Use the chutney maker to make pudina chutney, coconut chutney, coriander chutney, etc. 


This attachment is used when you wish to mash food. Make sure the meal is cooked before using this attachment. It is helpful while preparing pav bhaji, Khichdi, etc. This attachment is useful for making baby food. Cut the veggies, boil them, and then blend them with the help of water. You can also make a smooth puree with the help of this blade.

We suggest you consider all the mentioned aspects before buying a hand blender. We hope this blog on 10 Best Hand Blenders in India 2020 has helped you. We will soon update a list of best hand blender in India 2021. Use the hand blender blades and attachment wisely. Take all precautions when using a hand blender. Avoid buying power-free hand blenders. Treat every recipe differently with a hand blender and enjoy your meal!

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