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An electric kettle is a simple, modern way to make instant recipes. It’s very economical and compact, making it best suited for students in hostels. It has advanced features, including automatic shutdown when we prepare the recipe. We addressed several questions about the electric kettle that might be useful to you.

Top 10 best Electric kettle in India 2020

Electric KettleWattsCapacity Buy at Amazon
Morphy Richards Rapido22001.8 L
Philips HD9306/0618001.5 L
KENT Elegant Glass Kettle20001.8 L
Inalsa PRISM15001.8 L
Kitchoff Electric Kettle18001.8 L
Prestige PKOSS15001.5 L
Butterfly EKN Water Kettle15001.5 L
Orpat OEK-813713501.2 L
Pigeon Amaze Plus 15001.8 L
Inalsa Electric Kettle Absa15001.5 L

Morphy Richards Rapido Electric Kettle

Morphy Richards is a very trusted brand when it comes to kitchen appliances. This electric kettle is made of stainless steel and has a capacity of 2200 watts. The size of this electric kettle is 1.8 litres, and the clear water level indicator in this kettle is beneficial. The body of this kettle is not hot from outside even when the kettle is in operation. This product has a warranty of 2 years.


  • High quality product from a trusted brand
  • High watt power of 2200 watts
  • Thermostat to control the temperature
  • Auto cut off and boil dry protection
  • Cool touch body


  • No  cons as such

Philips HD9306/06 Electric Kettle

The electric kettle made from Philips has every feature we look in an electric kettle. This electric kettle has a power of 1800 watts and a capacity of 1.5 liters. The one-touch spring lid in this electric kettle helps to avoid scalding. It has features like a concealed heating element and cord winder. It has a wide opening for easy pouring and cleaning. It is made of stainless steel and has a warranty of 2 years.


  • High quality product from a trusted brand
  • High watt power of 1800 watts
  • Wide opening and easy to clean
  • Equiped with one touch spring lid to avoid scalding
  • Features like Steam sensor, dry boiling and overheating prevention


  • Cord length is short

KENT Elegant Electric Glass Kettle

Kent is another trusted brand in kitchen appliances. The electric kettle has a capacity of 1.8 Litres and a power of 2000 watts. It has features like Automatic switches off, Power indicator LED and protection for dry-boil. This looks elegant as its made of glass. Its body is made of borosilicate glass body which is chemical-free.


  • Kent is a trusted brand
  • High watt power
  • Large capacity
  • Power cable is long enough
  • Easy to see through as its made of glass


  • Not easily portable

Inalsa Electric Kettle PRISM

This electric kettle has a power of 1500 watts and a capacity of 1.8 liters. It has a borosilicate body made of glass. It is equipped with concealed heating. It also has integrated cord storage. It has extra features like LED illumination and water level indication. It has a wide mouth opening, which makes it easier to clean.


  • Large Capacity
  • Elegant design
  • Sufficient watt power
  • Safety features like automatic shut off, dry boiling and over heat protection


  • Cord length is short

Kitchoff Automatic Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

Kitchoff kettles are one of the best electric kettles. This electric kettle has a capacity of 1.8 Litre and has a power of 1800 Watts. It is made of stainless steel and has rubber protection. It has a warranty of 2 years. It has a concealed element lid with a wide opening which makes it easy to clean. It has a single touch lid locking mechanism. It has a power indicator which cuts off when the temperature inside the kettle increases the desired level.


  • High watt power
  • Large capacity
  • Wide opening
  • Automatic power cut-off


  • Size of the power cord

Prestige Electric Kettle PKOSS

Prestige is a very trusted brand when it comes to Kitchen Appliances. This electric kettle has a power of 1500 watts and a capacity of 1.5 Litres. The best part about this electric kettle is that it is equipped with a water level indicator. It is made of stainless steel and has a concealed element lid. It has a warranty of 1 year. It is available in 2 colors.


  • Prestige is a trusted brand
  • Has a power and water level Indicator
  • Spout design for easy pouring
  • Automatic power cut-off


  • Cord length is short

Butterfly EKN Water Kettle

This kettle is available in 2 different sizes and has a power of 1500 Watt. The medium size has a capacity of 1.5 Litres, and the Large size has a capacity of 1.8 litres. It has a concealed element lid with a wide opening. It has a warranty of 1 year. It has a power indicator and a lockable lid.


  • Sufficient watt power
  • Is available in 2 different size
  • Wide opening
  • Automatic power cut-off


  • Cord length is short

Orpat OEK-8137 1350-Watt Cordless Kettle

This electric kettle has a capacity of 1.2 liters and has a power of 1350 watts. It has a power indicator light. It has a warranty of 1 year. It has a concealed heating element with stainless steel. It has a single touch lid locking. Easy access on/off switch is installed on the handle.


  • Easily compatible
  • Made of stainless steel and aluminium die cast
  • Overheating safety features


  • Low in watt power

Pigeon by Stovekraft Amaze Plus Electric Kettle

This electric kettle has a classic mirror polish, which looks elegant. The plastic used is BPA free, which makes it safe. It has a power of 1500 W and a capacity of 1.8 liters. A warranty of 1 year applies to this product. It is also available in a different size with a capacity of 1.5 litres.


  • Sufficient watt power
  • Large capacity
  • Looks classic
  • It is available in 2 different size


  • Cord length is short

Inalsa Electric Kettle Absa

Inalsa electric kettle has a capacity of 1.5 Litre and power of 1500-Watts. It has a concealed heating element with a wide opening. It has safety features like automatic shut down, dry boiling and overheat protection. It has a cord winder at its base, and it has a warranty of 1 Year.


  • Sufficient watt power
  • Economical
  • Inbuilt Filter sieve
  • Automatic power cut-off


  • Quality of plastic lid

Benefits of Electric kettle


A kettle’s best feature is that it’s easily portable. Whereas, the gas stove needs a massive LPG gas cylinder that can not be easily moved. Even if you’re traveling, you can bring an electric kettle. It just needs an electrical output to operate. Compared to the gas stove, the size of an electric kettle is small and a space saver.


The electric kettle is free from the LPG gas cylinder, which makes it safe. Many areas have banned LPG cylinders. There are many incidents where dangerous incidents occurred due to LPG gas leakage. LPG gas cylinders even proved fatal. Electric kettle can be problematic, too, as it requires electricity consumption. But compared to LPG fuel, an electric kettle is much safer.


An electric kettle is cheap compared to a gas stove. You will also need a connecting pipe and LPG gas cylinder to install a gas stove initially. Applying for an LPG gas cylinder requires government documentation and permission. This process may take time. LPG gas cylinders are dependent on government subsidies. LPG gas cylinders is the main reason many students opt for electric kettle than gas stoves. 


In this busy world, we have time saving appliances like Hand blender, Egg boiler , and Induction cooktop.  Electric kettle can boil water much faster than a gas stove and it’s also easy to install. The electric kettle is a time-saving appliance that we must have in our Kitchen. You may be out of LPG fuel, but not having electricity is uncommon!

Advance features

The electric kettle has advanced features, including automatic shutdown. This feature is useful and can prevent accidents. It also has a heat-resistant handle designed to avoid scalding, and LCD to display time and temperature. The electric kettle is a complete package, less reliant on other things than the gas stove.

Electric kettle uses


I feel the electric kettle is made for students, especially in hostels. It helps make fast recipes. There are many instances when you live in hostels, starting to feel hunger. You can make instant noodles, soups, oats, and upma. The electric kettle can even help you have an alternative while the tiffin services you’ve for. Chances are they don’t provide good quality food someday. While studying during your preparation leave, you might feel the urge for tea or coffee, be it night or day, an electric kettle will surely help you out. The electric kettle may not give you the taste of our mom’s food, but it will undoubtedly give you better taste from many tiffin services. Remember, if you have the budget go for the multi-purpose kettle. If not, carefully read the cleaning process described here!


You may see an electric kettle in a professional cabin. This is because professionals make instant coffee or tea, which is very useful. We need to have tea or coffee whenever we feel the workload. It’s helpful when the seniors or clients visit you. The single-purpose electric kettle could also do the job for professionals. Boil the water in an electric kettle and pour it in a cup. Add milk powder, sugar, and stir with a teabag. For coffee, you could use instant coffee powder.

Fitness freak

Whether you decide to lose weight or be in a fitness routine, doctors recommend taking green tea. With an electric kettle, you can quickly boil water, pour in a cup, and mix with a green tea bag. An electric kettle is easily portable and helps you never to miss the routine. Green tea bags can be bought from nearby stores or ordered online. Many people prefer having hot water early in the morning with honey and lemon juice. If you have a throat infection, the doctors may have advised you to drink warm water periodically. An electric kettle helps you accomplish this. You can even boil eggs that are the most common and cheapest protein source.

Types of an electric kettle

Single Purpose Electric Kettle

We use the single-purpose electric kettle to boil water. Then Use the hot water to make different recipes. Typically this has a tall body and narrow opening. The cost of a single-purpose electric kettle is marginally lower than the price of a multi-purpose electric kettle. 

Multi-Purpose Electric Kettle

Use the Multi-Purpose electric kettle to make hot water, tea, coffee, rice, pasta, instant noodles, and soup. They’re a bit pricey than a single-use electric kettle. They have a wide opening and are not as tall as the single-purpose electric kettle. If you have the budget, we recommend the multi-purpose electric kettle.

Due to the price difference, most students choose the single-purpose electric kettle. We’ve all been through the process of being in hostels or living as bachelors, where saving a penny is life’s need. You can use the single-purpose electric kettle to make instant noodles, boiled eggs, or tea, but after a while, the kettle faces discoloration. Sometimes it might affect a kettle’s life. The real problem isn’t making meals; the problem is cleaning the kettle I used the single-purpose electric kettle in my hostel life for all these recipes. But I was always ready to clean and acknowledge the discoloration. 

How to choose an electric kettle?

Consider the below points before buying an electric Kettle from 10 best Electric kettles in India 2020.


If you plan to buy the electric kettle through the online market or an offline store, please read the review before making a choice. Search and select the best electric kettles on the internet. Read the reviews about the device you are about to buy. We suggest an electric kettle is not a complex electronic device, nor costly. So it’s always easier to go online, mainly when there are offer period. We have not just mentioned 10 best electric kettles in India 2020, but also provided you with reviews to make your work easier.


The watts determine a kettle’s power. Keep it simple, more watts the better product. Prefer a higher-watt electric kettle; they’re better at efficiency.

They are also a time-saver.


The other factor differentiating the electric kettle is capacity. The unit for measuring the ability of the electric kettle is in a liter. Commonly, you need an electric kettle of about 1 liter for regular use. If you live in a joint family, then prefer an electric kettle with a capacity of about 2 liters.


It can be made of glass, steel, or plastic. The material defines the weight and the strength of the electric kettle. The electrical steel kettle may be somewhat costly, but we suggest you go for it. A steel electric kettle is sturdy and good for the long run.


Ideally, the electric kettle body should not be too tall. It should have a wide spout. A wide spout helps cleaning the electric kettle efficiently. Ensure the body has water-level indicators. The handle is heat-resistant. Simultaneously, it’s not noisy while in service.

Other Features

The base connector wire is extendable in some kettle. This feature is crucial after you buy the electric kettle. The electric kettle may automatically shut down. This feature is useful and can prevent accidents. It may have an LCD showing the current temperature when it is in operation. A thermostat-installed electric kettle lets you control the temperature of the electric kettle. Consider these extra features before buying an electric kettle from 10 best Electric Kettle in India 2020.

Parts of an electric kettle

Power base

The power base is the main power supplier. For operation, we must mount the electric kettle on this platform. It converts electricity into heat energy. It has a power cord linked to the main power supply. We can shorten or lengthen the power cord as desired.


The body serves as an electric kettle jar. It is made of glass, steel, or iron. A switch is mounted on the electric kettle’s body, allowing the electric kettle to be in or out of action. There may be a thermostat installed on the electric kettle body that helps the heat control you wish to pass to the electric kettle. The temperature is displayed on a higher-end electric kettle’s body. There’ll be a body indicator indicating the water level in the kettle. Inside the kettle behind the spout, you may have a filter added to restrain the hard water scale when taking the water.


The lid can be of plastic, metal, or glass. Mostly translucent, it serves as a shield against spilling hot water. It contains a Lid handle. While making recipes, the lid might be hot because the steam passed. So always hold the cover using the Lid handle. Take care not to drop the lid, because often the lid is made of glass.


Simply carry the kettle with the handle connected to the body. The handle is made of heat-resistant material and is not hot after using the electric kettle. There may also be a lid release button on top of the handle, which serves as a lid toggle.

Using the Electric kettle for the first time

Make sure you have all the components of the electric kettle in the box. Check for a user manual, read it thoroughly, and keep it safe. Review a warranty card and register a warranty if needed. Make sure you remove all the plastic that packs the electric kettle. The electric kettle deals with both electrical and heat energy, so this step is necessary. Boil water in the kettle and discard repeat 3 times to improve hygiene. Cleansing will remove all chemicals from the kettle.

How to use an Electric kettle?

After you have one of the 10 best Electric kettles in India 2020, follow the below instructions on using it.

1. Electric kettle assembly

The electric kettle comes in the same package as different parts. So assembling the kettle is the first move. Connect the body to the base connector. Keep the lid attached too.

2. Pour water in the kettle

Now pour water in the electric kettle. For the multi-purpose electric kettle, add all the ingredients you need to create a recipe. Keep a watch on the water indicator and always maintain it between minimum and maximum. Close the lid.

3. Switch on the mains supply

Connect the base to the main power supply and switch on. Toggle the power button to “On.” You can control the temperature of the electric kettle with a thermostat. You can check the display temperature if the function is in your electric kettle. Avoid using an extension box as it’s not secure.

4. Use hot water

Keep a watch on the electric kettle while it is in operation. Your electric kettle may have an auto switch-off button. If not, switch off the electric kettle from the switch on the body after a preferred time. Switch off the main power supply and disconnect the wire. Carefully open the lid, disassemble from the base connector, and use water where required. If multi-purpose, serve the recipe and enjoy the taste!

5. How to clean electric kettle

This blog not only covers 10 best electric kettles in India 2020, but also the procedure of cleaning an electric kettle. Electric kettle cleaning is the most challenging part. The electric kettle gets messy after making a quick recipe in it. Mostly students living in the hostel go through this phase, I have faced many problems while cleaning the kettle in my hostel. Finally, I discovered an easy method to clean the electric kettle. You can follow the steps below to clean the electric kettle: 

  1. Make sure the kettle is disconnected, and the wire is unplugged.
  2. After serving the recipe, fill water upto the brim. Leave it for 10 minutes till you enjoy the recipe. The water will deter sticky grease from developing and make the job simple afterward. Add one cup of water and follow any of these alternatives. 
  3. Add one cup of white vinegar.  
  4. Just cut the lemons into pieces and put it in the kettle with skin. 
  5. Add one spoon baking soda or Add one spoon citric acid.
  6. Boil the solution and leave for 15 minutes. Discard the solution
  7. Clean the body with a non-abrasive solvent or liquid washing soap. Clean the outer body as well. You can use a non-metallic scrub if the sticky grease is still visible.
  8. Rinse the electric kettle for two or three times. This process also helps to rinse the white scale formed thoroughly.
  9. Disassemble the lid filter by lifting it upwards. Clean the lid and the connector with a damp cloth. Never place the connector under running water.
  10. Now clean each part with a clean, dry cloth and reassemble the kettle. Resembling will ensure you don’t misplace any component.


Never wash the Power base with tap water. Washing will cease the working of an electric kettle

Safety measures

The safety measures are generally overlooked while considering 10 Best Electric Kettles in India 2020. Please read all the below instructions carefully.

Carry the electric kettle by the handle

We suggest you always carry the kettle with the handle. The kettle handle is made of heat-resistant material. The electric kettle body may be hot for some time due to residual heat after use.  For the same reason, we suggest you shouldn’t touch the kettle bottom or power base. Precautions will avoid scalding.

Don’t fill the maximum to avoid spilling

You get an indicator on the electric kettle’s body. It typically has three grades, low, average, and peak level. For smooth operation of the electric kettle, make sure you fill the kettle above the minimum level but do not fill it above the maximum level. Note, the water boils due to the heating effect, and it may spill if filled over the maximum level. If the water boils, it may even go into the electric kettle base and affect its working.

Use soft water

Also, prefer soft water in an electric kettle. Because of boiling water, Salt of calcium and lime in hard water are deposited in the electric kettle. Using hard water in your kitchen can result in a white-scale deposition. This white scale is heat-resistant. The electric kettle will heat up slower than usual. Also, This doesn’t encourage hygiene when cooking.

Never operate an empty kettle

Never run an empty kettle. The empty operation may even trigger an unexpected accident, as the procedure involves heat and electricity. Operating it empty would undoubtedly damage the electric kettle. In such a case, you can’t even apply for a warranty. So make sure you have water in the electric kettle before using it. 

Do not operate when the lid is open

Make sure to close the lid while using the kettle. Chances are that the boiling effect may spill water drops on you. Simultaneously, during operation, it will prevent water from ejecting. Closing the lid will also ensure the heat is not passed away and will help make the recipe quickly. Do not open the lid while the kettle works. Make sure you handle the lid with the help of the lid handle.

Keep the device away from Children

Electric kettle operation requires heat and electricity. Please keep it from children. Keep it away from direct sunlight, gas stove, running water, explosive. Make sure you use thermally-resistant material as a base while the electric kettle is in action.

How does an electric Kettle work?

The base connector serves the electric kettle’s primary function. Uses the basic principle of transforming electrical energy into heat energy. Inside the base connector, a heating element serves as a resistor. When electricity passes through this heating element, electric energy converts into heat energy. The heat energy is transferred to the kettle. The thermostat has a variable resistor in it. If your electric kettle has a thermostat, it can control the heat passed to the container. It’s always safer to choose an electric kettle with a thermostat to regulate the passage of heat.

We suggest you buy an electric kettle for making quick recipes. Prefer a multi-purpose electric kettle over a single purpose electric kettle. Before buying the electric kettle consider factors such as capacity, material, auto switch off function. Follow the above steps to Use an electric kettle with all the precautions mentioned. Clean the electric kettle soon after you use it to maintain hygiene. Acknowledge the function of each part and its working.We hope this post on 10 Best Electric kettles in India 2020 has helped you. We will soon update a list of best electric kettle in India 2021. Please comment below if you have any further queries regarding an electric kettle.

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