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A casserole is an easy option to keep food warm for a long time. A casserole is easily available and inexpensive. It is portable and operates without electricity. A casserole set is also known as a hot pot in India. We have mentioned the list of the 10 best casserole to keep food hot.

Best casserole in India (Reviews)

This list contains the best hand blender to buy in India.

How to choose the best casserole

Heat retention

When it comes to selecting the best casserole to keep food warm, the number of hours for which it can maintain the temperature of food matters the most. This may vary depending on the brand of casserole. 


Always carefully check out the reviews. The number of hours mentioned in the description may differ from the number of hours that people experience. This is because the number of hours mentioned on the site is in idle conditions; these conditions differ at home.


Many superb casseroles are available nowadays. The material utilized may be glass, plastic, or granite. Some of which are even made of copper and wood. These materials make a casserole look attractive. Generally, people prefer steel casserole for roti.

BPA free

Many casseroles are made up of plastic. Always try using casserole made of BPA-free plastic material. BPA means Bisphenol A. BPA can be harmful to children as it can affect the brain and prostate gland. Therefore always look for BPA-free plastic to maintain health & hygiene.


Capacity also plays a vital role while choosing a casserole. It can vary from 1 liter to 6 liters, or even more. Select a casserole according to your family requirement. If you ordinarily make three rotis per day, do not purchase a casserole with a capacity of 6 liters. The casserole should be filled when storing food, which helps preserve the food warm for a longer time. The more air is filled while closing the casserole’s lid, the less time the food remains warm.


The diameter of the casserole plays an essential role along with the capacity. It may be an ample capacity casserole, but it may not be broad. In this case, it will be uneasy to store chapati. The sole option to keep chapatis in such a casserole would be to fold them. Therefore choose one according to the size of your homemade chapati.


The shape of the casserole is usually circular. Nowadays, you can also get a casserole, which is rectangular or square. It is worthier to prefer a circular casserole; this makes it easier to store things, for example, roti and idli.


The weight of the casserole varies depending on the material utilized for its manufacturing. Make sure the casserole is not excessively heavy, as you must exercise it to serve food as well. A heavy casserole makes it hard to carry for a long time.

Color and design

Remember, a casserole is not only used to store food but is additionally used to serve food. Therefore select a presentable casserole that looks good. They can make your kitchen beautiful and make a pleasing impression on your guests. It can also be a part of your cutlery. 

Induction compatible

Many present-day casseroles can be placed directly on an induction cooktop. Cold chapatis can be placed in a casserole, and you can quickly heat them on an induction cooktop. This will aid you to serve them fresh and hot. The best part of the induction cooktop is that the casserole is not heated, but the food kept inside gets heated.

Microwave compatible

Like induction, some casseroles are in addition microwave compatible. Before trying to heat your casserole in the microwave, read all the instructions on the instruction manual or website.

Refrigerator compatible

If you want to store chapatis for a long time, you can keep them in the refrigerator. Some casseroles can be placed directly in the fridge without affecting its functioning. In most cases, a casserole can be compatible with all three, i.e., Induction, Microwave, and Refrigerator or none of them.

Dishwasher compatible

Some casseroles can be washed directly in a dishwasher. If this facility is present with your casserole, you can save time. If it’s not a dishwasher compatible, pretty sure it can harm the appearance and even functioning of the casserole. 

Lock feature

Select a casserole that has a lid and is easy to open and close. It should not be extremely challenging to open the cover simultaneously; the lid must be completely closed to prevent heat transfer. A lid makes it easy and safe to handle a casserole.

Plastic tray

When hot chapatis or idlis are stored in a casserole. They get wet due to steam release. The steam converts to water and makes the loaves soft. Therefore, it is worthier to have a plastic tray with a casserole. This ensures the rotis are not wet. The plastic tray keeps the rotis separate from the surface.

Best Casserole set

Some casseroles are available only as a set of two, three, or four. So it is impossible to buy a single piece from this set. This causes inconvenience to the buyer. However, you can purchase a set and manage each piece for preserving various foods.


Reviews remain an essential factor when it comes to choosing a casserole. Constantly seek products that are brought by a large number of people and have a high rating. There is a possibility that the product may be authentic when many users are buying it. 


Check out the list for the best casserole to buy. Check out the brands while buying a casserole. Milton and Jaypee are the famous brands when it comes to buying a casserole. People generally Choose a milton casserole for roti.

Return policy

Remember, not all products are refundable. Some products are merely replaced. Therefore, look at the return policy before purchasing any product. If it is not meeting the requirements or damaged, make sure the product is replaced or returned promptly.

Delivery date

Moreover, check the delivery date before ordering the casserole. Some products are delivered very late, which causes inconvenience.

Uses of the best casserole

Save time

If you have a casserole, you do not need more time to heat the food again and again. In this way, a casserole turns out to be a time saver.

Keep the food nutritious

The nutritional value of food is eliminated by heating the food again and again. If you have a casserole, you do not need to heat food again and again. As such, casserole helps maintain nutritional value.

Keep the food tasty

When you heat food, you also lose its taste. Reheating the food can not only reduce the taste but can also cause foodborne diseases or food poisoning.

Retain the fragrance

Food is not only delicious due to the heat or nutrients, but also due to the aroma. A casserole not only retains heat or nutrients, but it also keeps the fragrance. Choose the best hotpot brand in India for retaining fragrance for a longer period of time.

Utilize it as a container 

The casserole used nowadays can absolutely be kept in the fridge or kitchen shelves. In this way, it can clearly be used as a container.

Make your kitchen look attractive

They make your dining room attractive due to the attractive colors, materials used, and various shapes. Like crockery, they make your kitchen look rich and decorative.

Benefits of eating hot food

Hot food is delicious, nutritious and smells good

Undoubtedly, the authentic taste of food can only be felt when it is hot. Nutrition remains intact in hot food. And yes, you cannot forget the aroma of food. The smell of food is only felt when the food is hot!

No chance for bacterial growth

When the food is prepared and kept at ordinary (room) temperature, many bacteria can easily thrive. Average room temperature is ideal for bacterial growth. There is a possibility that these bacteria can make us unwell or even cause foodborne diseases.Keeping food in casserole can prevent this.

Hot food is easily digestible

When we prepare hot food, many chemicals break down. Hot food is eaten more slowly than regular food. This gives our digestive system some time to process the food we are eating.

Regulate body temperature

Hot food also regulates your body temperature. It is for this reason that when we eat hot food, we feel very active and refreshed.

Increases metabolism

Yes, the best thing about eating hot food is it increases the metabolism of our body. Hot food is well processed; it thus helps us in weight loss.

Food items that can be stored in the casserole

Roti or chapatis

It is capable of storing all types of roti and chapatis in it. Aloo Ka Paratha, Methi Ka Paratha, and Gobi Paratha can be stored in a casserole. All and every kind of parathas can be kept warm in it. You can also keep Jawar, bajra, maida roti hot in a casserole set. I have mentioned a list of the best casserole for roti in India.


Idli is an excellent source of carbohydrates and is a very healthy option for breakfast. When they are served hot, it tastes great. So casserole is a better option to store idli and serve them hot. You can also store vadas in it to keep it hot.

Rice or Biryani

White rice, biryani, and pulao can be easily stored and kept warm in a casserole for dinner. The rice remains soft, and it maintains consistency. Even the chicken or vegetables used are kept warm in a casserole, which keeps them fresh and tasty.


After preparing the sabzi, pour it into the casserole and close the lid. You can serve any vegetable and curry like potato, cabbage, fenugreek, spinach, paneer.


Cooked lentils can be easily preserved in a casserole. Despite being so liquid, a lentil in a casserole maintains its consistency and warmth. Cooked Lentils, vegetables, bread, and rice are the most commonly made food in Indian kitchens. Thankfully those four can be stored in a casserole. In short, any food that is to be served hot can be stored in a casserole to maintain its temperature.

Best casserole benefits

Casseroles can be gifted

When it is someone’s birthday, a wedding or a promotional party, a casserole is the best gift. It is readily available and worthwhile.

Casseroles are inexpensive

Most casseroles are inexpensive and are a value for money product. This is the key reason why casserole is discovered in every house.

Casseroles can be comfortably carried to a picnic or trip

Casseroles are compact and easy to carry from one place to another. They are handy for carrying hot food on a picnic. They can be carried to the office easily. Choose the best casserole for the company. They are also available in various sizes so that you can choose a casserole according to the size and requirement of your family or group.

Casseroles are non-electric

The best thing about a casserole is it is non-electric. It is the only device that helps keep the food hot without any maintenance amount. So even if there is no power due to load shedding, your food will remain hot with the help of casserole.

Precautions while using a hot pot

Do not break or drop a casserole

A casserole is vacuum insulated and also PU coated. They have a delicate body and, therefore, must be handled with care. If a casserole is dropped, there is a possibility that it may damage his outer body or even affect its functioning.

Cleaning a casserole

Generally people use hotpot sets made of steel. Exercise caution while cleaning the casserole. Do not use a hard rubbing scrub for cleaning the casserole. There is a possibility that Casserole may get scratches. So always use warm water and a sponge for cleaning the casserole. 

How to make curd in a casserole

When we set up curd, it should be kept isolated, and at a constant temperature. So yes, a casserole is the best place to make curd . For all users who do not know how to eat curd , I have mentioned the steps below:

Clean the casserole thoroughly and wipe with a dry cloth. If the casserole is uncleaned, the curd may taste sour or have an irregular texture.

  1. Boil the milk and transfer it to the casserole.
  2. Allow the milk to cool down a bit. Add the starter when it is at a lukewarm temperature.
  3. Close the casserole’s lid and leave the casserole covered overnight; the next day, the curd will be ready.


Always use thick milk to prepare curd 

Use a thick starter. Everything depends on the starter. Please prefer a smooth, sweet, and soft starter.

We will soon update a list of Best casserole in India 2021

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